Clients usually come to me specifically with one thing in mind: "I want a photo of me with this, doing this."

I always say to them "I think we can do better than that."

Without those boundaries in place and a certain level of abstraction involved, I can let my imagination run wild. I love taking these opportunities to try more daring approaches and see if I can break down some walls in regards to my overall technique. I'm quickly building a repertoire of tried and true exercises which I can bend to each client, but with every shoot I go into, I bring along a new idea with the mentality of "I don't care if it doesn't work, I still really want to try this." It keeps things interesting and frankly, much more exciting, and usually I can't wait to go home, blow things up on the big screen and see what I made that day.

Julia's a peach and a pal. I already knew that shes fun to have around, but even more so in front of the lens. She was a true sport when it came to braving the elements of Victoria's faux Spring, and especially when we tried some more unorthodox shots. I can't wait to get her behind my camera again.