Rifflandia 2013

I saw Rifflandia as a rite of passage. Most of the photographers I know in Victoria saddle up and head into the lights and crowds, and sitting on the sidelines is something I couldn't do. Ever since I left the university, Rifflandia had been on my radar. Every show I shot, I was amassing a set of skills to apply on that weekend. Theres something glorious about being part of the biggest event to roll through town every year.

Music festivals are absolute marathons. Even as a spectator, they can be an exhaustive collision of hyperactivity, lack of inhibitions, and social exploration. Frantic venue hopping, self-induced sleep deprevation, and the increasingly chaotic climate of the pacific north-west tend to take a toll on even the most enthusiastic, but the highlights of the weekend will always make up for it. Getting to spend the weekend in the sun with good beer and shooting alongside some of the Victoria's best talent will trump a little fatigue anyday. Its fantastic to see the ever-growing community of friends I've made this year all in one place.  

Rifflandia, I'll be back soon. Not just for the fish tacos, but for everything else too.