Teagan Johnson's LP Release @ Fairfield Church

First off, a huge congratulations needs to go to Teagan for finishing this ambitious project. Producing any sort of product like that is certainly daunting, and I understand the love and dedication needed to see these things through. With the likes of local heros Aidan Knight and Steph Macpherson lending a hand, I know for a fact this is a definite jump into a successful career for her. Naturally, I was excited to be on board with this aspiring crew. Head over to http://www.teaganjohnstonmusic.com/ for more info.

We had a bit of time to kill before the opening sets, so Teagan and I went exploring for a neat spot for some quick promo shots. While a children's daycare in a church basement with hilariously unreliable fluorescent lighting doesn't sound completely ideal, I pride myself on my ability to jump into a situation and use it to my advantage. Regardless, I'll take an opportunity to goof off with train sets and lego anyday.

There were some talented creatures playing that night too. Fintan O'Brian opened, with Leisure suit following suite. Check them out at:



Fintan O'Brian

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Leisure Suit

Teagan Johnston